We at ECS provide a wide range of packing solutions for all of you and your customers problems. Whether you want to move out of your current plastic packaging and make a switch to a more attractive paper option, or you are thinking of providing your brand a better visibility or you have a new packaging idea with you. Rest assured, we will help you execute it and make it happen.


Plastic to paper


The whole world is moving from plastic to a more sustainable paper pack option. If you are also thinking of doing so, don’t hesitate! ECS Food Pack has the required technology and expertise to help you make the transition. We offer a wide range of paper cups and food packaging products which are available in different shapes, sizes and colours to satisfy your needs. We are also equipped to customize your packaging as per the specific design you have in mind.



In order to make your brand stand out in a competitive market, you need to have attractive packaging that leads to higher brand recall. In addition, customers nowadays are loyal to brands that offer an “experience”. With this in mind, it is important that your packaging makes the experience of your product both convenient and enjoyable. Whatever your objectives are, just tell us. We will work with you to come up with innovative branding and packaging solutions that will leave your customers yearning for more of your product!

New development


Are you launching a new product in the market? Or wish to upgrade your packaging and branding to something that is more up to date? Then you are in good hands with ECS Food Pack. We pride ourselves on being well versed with the latest developments and technologies in the paper packaging industry in order to bring you the newest designs and solutions. Whats more, we are able to turn your ideas into reality in a shorter time span, thanks to our local design and manufacturing facilities.

Go Green


In today’s business world, profitability and sustainability go hand in hand as we all strive to protect our environment and improve the welfare of the communities around us. We at ECS Food Pack, contribute to environmental sustainability by ensuring that we follow a “green” manufacturing process; all our materials are biodegradable and do not pollute the surroundings.