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Automate & Simplify The Whole Process
  • A local presence that is experienced, flexible and passionate
  • Automates & simplifies the whole process
  • Cost-effective services guaranteed to add value
  • To design a product that expresses the real you, to offer you advice, but also to produce, package and distribute
  • The creative genius to turn your idea into a unique gift / promotion
  • The unique ability to source any item, from anywhere
  • Hassle-free service. we deliver the final item at your doorstep
  • We stock the goods for immediate delivery

Our Vision Mission & Values

Automate & Simplify The Whole Process


Dear All,
Thank you for visiting EMEL Corporate Website.

As you navigate through the different pages, I would like to give you an introduction of EMEL Corporate and all the group companies under it.

EMEL Corporate is one such brand of the Nigerian market that offers most distinct services underneath the different groups namely ECS Warehouse, ECS Retail, ECS Food Pack and ECS Promo.

ECS Warehouse deals with all the products that are required for smooth functioning of the warehouse, ECS Retail with all the products and services needed for retail business success, ECS Food pack with all the packaging and whilst ECS Promo deals with all the promotional/marketing activities a brand should involve for retaining its brand identity.

Commitment, Team Player, Win-Win Partnership and Solution Oriented are some values that the EMEL corporate has always invested in since inception and would love to maintain the same in the upcoming years too.

We, as a team, seek to open new doors by making use of the latest and upcoming technological advance for rapidly meeting the evolving needs of our customers. And, as a CEO, it is an extremely huge responsibility of handling this task. But, I promise to live up to the expectations of the people from the brand and make EMEL a global company in the upcoming years.

If you feel you can make a difference in the organization and bring about the great change, we would love to collaborate with you. Do drop us a mail if you more queries.

Our Leadership Team

Automate & Simplify The Whole Process

Sanjay Sanyal

Manging Director

Vijay Sai Kosireddy

General Manager


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